Easter Eve Porsche drive & Photo Shoot

The weather has been great this easter. More and more local Porsches are coming out of hiding.
On today's agenda a photshoot of a friends newly shined up Porsche 968. Of course a drive around some twisty roads would be in order after the shoot. Let's get on with it.The owner has just given it a Meguiar's three stage treatment. Before shooting I went over it with AMMO Spit and an MF towel to restore some extra shine and remove any dirt.

We're on the roof, just admiring this beautiful 968 when the unmistakable roar of a flat six shreds the sound of seagulls and wind. What turned up? This 964 with the 993 looks. Another local Porsche owner we both know.

Those 18" Turbo Twists look absolutely gorgeous.

Now there's three Porsche to shoot. My 968, the blue 968 and this 964. Here's the rest of the shoot featuring all three cars from various locations.

Thanks for looking and hope you liked the pictures. After all this we had a nice long drive on some sick roads I've never even seen. Stay tuned for a lot more Porsche pictures! The season just started.